She Shirt Update

She Shirt: Shipping 

Our goal at Wink, is always to offer our clients innovative, and trending yet effective cosmetics; from around the world.  Many of our products are shipped from our local warehouse or our new fulfillment center allowing for FAST, FREE 3 - 7 DAY (shipping) on most products.  Unfortunately at this time, that does not include our She Shirt Collection.  
She Shirts feature our "beauty swag", a little something beautiful, fun and affordable for everyone.  Our collection is provided by an array of different Designers, Artist and T shirt shops, both large and small. Many are experiencing severe shipping delays and other difficulties during COV19.  Thus we have decided to temporarily close the She-Shirt collection until the impact of this global pandemic improves.
We too are sadden by this decision; and vow the beloved collection will return. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Stay well, my friends.